Bitrupee - Digital Fund for the crises across the country

Digital INR or Bitrupee is the need of the hour, we are in the crisis where more than 75 million people are failing to access basic sustenance needs.

We bring an economic system that aims to distribute value. Equitable, fair and with transparency.


For more than 75 million people, who got pushed into poverty.

Recently, over 75 million Indian citizens have been pushed into poverty. They do not not have access to basics such as food, shelter, santitation and healthcare. Failing infrastructure needs to improved.

Active participation

Community based joint multi-signature accounts, everyone participates in the movement of funds to the beneficiary.

Extend & Enhance

Communities can share resources with each other by trading real tokens and extending help within groups.


Support in any currency and see where your money is spent. Bitrupee is based on LTCIM - liquidity to crisis in motion - a concept, designed to keep end to end tracking.

Open healthcare

With Bitrupee, we start the foundation of open source crisis response driven by communities.


Non-Profit oversees a flow of information concerning the identities of the individuals and partner organisations helping people in need. A liability account with the corresponding KYC certificates will be issued to all - the donors and those among whom the donation will be distributed.

Open Resource Management

Manage resources using a multi signature wallet that allows transfer of ownership using a set threshold measure. Current resource distribution is accumulated in centrally powered entities which leads to moral hazard. In absence of unaccountable leaders with common users practicing low political power, governing agencies may advance their own interests.

Economic Incentives

Economic incentives to participate. Participants of all sides are incentivised to vote and help acheive goals and management of funds for various purposes.

  • Anonymous voting reputation mechanism

  • Real Reward mechanism

  • Participate to contribute to this initiative.

Its all open source.

This initiative is an open source project. It is a movement that employs different ideas that work together. Join us or contribute in different ways.

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